Welcome! Welcome New Blogaxy!

Good idea, me, a video game reference on a writing blog. Yes, hello, good day, this is Duth Olec’s Cuckoo Land 2.000000000000000000001. I’m not sure what the extra one-sextrillionth (YES THAT IS THE CORRECT TERM (PROBABLY)) is, but oh well.

A little over two years ago a friend of mine and I got blogs at Blogsplotch to have a writer’s blog. Because we’re writers. However, not that long ago the friend, that weird guy (check his About the Author, you’ll get the joke), started a group called Obscure Authors Alliance, using WordPress so multiple people could edit the blog. He liked WordPress, so he decided to move his blog from it. I had been thinking about moving from Blogspot to somewhere else because, let’s face it, it’s not really all that good. So, if WordPress worked out for him, I figure I’ll try it too!

So here I am! I’ve more or less set up the stuff I had at the other place. Nothing I said over there was ever of enough worth to actually copy it to over here, so let’s start fresh! When we last left off, I wouldn’t stop talking about my school career, so this time let’s talk about interesting things.

It seems that I have been tagged to do a self-interview. No idea how I’m going to go about that yet. My novel is nearing completion, but I don’t want to say anything too specific about when, only that I firmly believe I am nearly ready to start the final draft (which is mostly proofreading).

I’ve also been writing some articles for the Obscure Authors Alliance, featuring PLANNING~! So most of my blog-writing has been for that, a link to which is in the Sausage Links page. I’ll make a post here whenever I post something there.

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