What is Slubes and the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos?

So I’ve talked about my book Slubes somewhat so far, but even in “The Next Big Thing” Blog Hop post I didn’t really get into it. So, just what is the world of Slubes, and by extension, the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos?

Slubes (rhymes with tubes) takes place in a universe that is not called the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, because universes don’t have names. We don’t even know if there are other universes! This universe may just be the daydream of a lounging slube, and of course his universe is just the madcap tales conjured up by a goofball in a wizard hat who happens to live in the universe that slube is daydreaming about. HA HA INFINITY IS FUNNY GUYS

So, in this universe there is a planet called Mintop, on which there lives a largely unseen species called the slube. The slube, living primarily on a couple southern islands in rural areas, is a distant relative to the banana slug, one that evolved into an upright, intelligent being.

Although our slube protagonists live in a generally peaceful part of Mintop, it becomes the center of the otherwise undetected commencement of an invasion from space, an invasion that only gets stalled due to the brave actions of rebels who get stuck themselves, leaving it up to three happenstance slubes to further stall the invasion.

And, while the invasion looms over their heads, the shattering of an ancient crystal threatens the release of a demon from times forgot, a demon that supposedly ravaged the islands, causing war and chaos. Because of this invasion, a demonic prisoner may be able to escape–can these slubes prevent both catastrophes from destroying their planet?

I dunno. It’d sure be a depressing ending if they didn’t, though, huh? Especially since it’s not the only book in both the Nottle Crystal stories (which tells of the ancient crystal already mentioned) and the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos series, the many tales of insanity, insolence, illegitimacy, indignation, inanity, illusion, irony, isometropia, and even words that don’t begin with the letter i, that are brought to you by the letter me. I mean conjured up by Duth Olec, the person writing this post. In the past. Because you are the future.

There’s not much reason to say much else about the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, because for now there’s just Slubes, with the story continuing in the second book next year. But that’s getting ahead of myself: Slubes, Slubes, Slubes! More to come! More to tell! More to door! More to fi’d! More…tones. What, now I’m speaking Spanish? Ow! Don’t punch me, I’ll get a moretón. I would just like to take this moment to THANK WIKTIONARY FOR SUPPLYING ME WITH RANDOM WORDS. More to n Bay bug oh my goodness there is a crustacean called a slipper lobster, I CANNOT NOT IMAGINE A LOBSTER SITTING IN A FUZZY PINK SLIPPER AAAA

Wow, I got off-track. What track? Okay, I’m done for now! Mor- Never mind.

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