So I’ve done some sprucing up around here. First thing you might notice is a new theme. Well, actually, you might not notice that if you haven’t seen the previous theme, in which case the first thing you might notice is… this post that I wrote to say I did some sprucing up! Anyway, I figured it was about time to get a better theme, and by that I mean the super-thimp… thimble… super-simple theme I was using didn’t show child pages.

That’s another thing–I added a few new pages to the pages pages; Contact, which is always fun and sometimes a ripoff, and a page about the series I’m writing, with a child page specifically about the noels. I mean novels. What do I think this is, Clichemas!? Anyway, I’m also going to add a couple child pages under the tasty Sausage Links after writing this post. I would have done that before writing this post, but I forgot until after I started writing this, and as you can tell by my thimple noels, I’m on a roll here.

One thing I’m iffy about on this theme is the children categories don’t show up under the parent categories. Locations and Species make more sense as categories when they’re under Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, BUT I don’t know if the old theme did that anyway, no do I know if any theme does that anyway, so it’s not a problem. Just a minor annoyance. The main point of this paragraph that will probably take up less space than that aside is that I added descriptions for each category that you can see when you click on them.

I think that’s about it so far. I know sprucing up my blog wasn’t on my schedule, but I got my wizard hat a day early so there was room on it; also, that schedule was a load of malarkey anyway.

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