Stream on June 4th: Novel Reading, Publication Celebration

Information here:

“My new novel, Slubes, comes out on June 4th. In celebration of this literary event, I’m going to have a stream launch party thingamajiggy. I’ll just do some talking, read from the book, and answer questions people pose. Although I’ll give focus on questions about my novel and writing, if you want to ask stupid questions, well, I just may answer those too.
The novel will be available on Createspace, a link to which I will add to the bottom here once it is available, and will be available on soon after, while a cheaper ebook version will also be available around the same time.
I just realized I think I forgot to mention the time of the stream. I knew I’d forget something. Well, it’ll be 18:00 Eastern Standard Time, which is 7:00 Eastern DST, 6 Central, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific, 3-8 going backwards all other times in the world. I’ll probably have another video announcing it an hour or so before it starts, something simpler than actually recording myself.
The stream will also probably be uploaded to Youtube as a video later.”

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