My first novel is now available for purchase!

My first novel, Slubes, is now available on the Createspace store!

I will make another post later today (Tuesday) after the ebook version is available on Amazon, and once more after the paperback is available on Amazon (which should be 2-5 days or something). (Edit: Apparently it’s already up!

This is it, folks! I have crossed the threshold! I’ve jumped the gorge and am on the other side! I get to tell people that I wrote a novel, and that it has been published, no matter how self that may be!

It’s getting late–although not as late as late was last night, I have to say–and I want to be up at a decent time tomorrow–unlike today–so this is about all I will say on it now, but don’t forget I do still have a raffle going, so a couple free copies are still up for grabs! Later I will have a new character profile, and tonight at 18 Eastern Standard time I will have a stream where I’ll read from and talk of the novel.

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