Whoa. I’ve been out of my own loop. Let me update the universe.

So I really haven’t been saying much lately–not even on Twitter. Maybe I should fix that?? Maybe i should update everyone on where I went??

I mean, at first it was because I suddenly had an incredibly sharp drop in my time due to getting a job, my first job, a temp job. Well, I’m still in training. But last week and the week before I was off, so what’s my excuse there? I got a new game system and games. Yes, I’ve been distracted by video games. I’ve still been doing some work, but I’ve just been playing too much video game lately. Maybe I can get back to normalcy soon?? Like, today??

Here’s the point of this post, though. Sometime in the past month (I hope) I expanded the “About” page to include a page about the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos. A week or so ago I actually wrote up the about CCC page, although I definitely plan to expand it as time goes on and ideas for what to add come.

Looking ahead, I’m going to start making posts about creatures and locations of the CCC. You may have noticed a few categories: Characters, Creatures, and Locations. If you did notice, you probably forgot ’cause it’s been so dang long since I used ’em. Well, the first of the three have posts specifically about them, but the other two don’t. These posts won’t be going into any great detail, but will include an overview of the creatures and locations. I don’t want to overwhelm people with everything in my personal encyclopedia, but maybe I can introduce some stuff if people want to know more about it, before or after reading my books.

Last thing: Look for something special coming in about a month, during the first half of October. What is it? Special! Aside from special? Not really all that special! L…Look, it’s a short story, okay?

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