Whoa hey page changes done! You might even say… panges done. no, no you wouldn’t. sorry about that.

Oh hey I finished working on the new page thingies! The Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos pages should be updated! I added a Locations section and each profile (character, location, species) links to a page instead of a blog post, with some tweaks here and there to make it more fitting of a page instead of a blog post (most of the tweaks came in the character pages). I’ve also cross-referenced pages. I think I’m using that term right. Links are provided in the profiles when something that has a page comes up (say another character).

This weekend I might move the blog to its own section and add a new home page? Maybe a homage page?? Maybe a homage pomage?? Maybe a pomegranate?? Who knows! But yeah not sure what I’ll do for that yet. And if I forgot to say anything else in this post well I need to get to bed so I’m rushing this post kinda??

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