Species Profile: Smarmel

Hey, another species profile! These may dry up in November since I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll write a bunch ahead of time so I can just quickly post them next month. Trivia: I will probably already know if I’ve done this by the time I post this. In fact, as of my writing this, I haven’t posted the entry on Interp, so apparently I’m already writing ahead of schedule! Anyway…

Quoted from the species appendix in Slubes:

“Smarmel are a species light tan in color with melon-shaped heads. They have humps on their backs that are hard and stiff, almost like plates of rock. Their eyelids never open; instead they sense their surroundings through means other than sight, although they do have eyes. Many smarmel pride themselves on having a serene outlook on life. Smarmel mature mentally at an early age, and their average lifespan is about 100 years or more.”

Physical Characteristics

The outward appearance of the smarmel, as quoted from my personal encyclopedia: “Smarmel are the same height as slubes and light tan in color. Their head is oval-shaped, somewhat like a melon, and they have a short snout with small nostrils, as opposed to an actual nose, and a somewhat wide mouth. Their eyes are constantly closed, although they do have them; if their eyes ever open, it opens extremely wide, unblinking, and the smarmel goes insane (or is insane; no one is sure if it is a cause or effect.) Its appendages are thin and short, the feet being similar to camel feet. Also like camels they have a hump on their back, but it is hard and stiff, almost looking like it is covered in plates of rock.”

I don’t know why, but the fact is that smarmel always have their eyelids shut, yet they still have eyes. What the carp do they use them for? Well, according to… something, if a smarmel opens its eyes it will go insane. Or, if a smarmel goes insane, it will open its eyes. One or the other. Whether or not this means the eyes actually function when they’re open is open to discussion.

The way smarmel actually sense their surroundings is a mystery that could probably be solved if I was a biologist, but regardless of that, it involves the cooperation of two organs, one in the head and one in the back hump. Smarmel are somewhat related both to camels and pangolins.

History and Culture

Smarmel are often considered to be intelligent and calm-minded. This probably comes from the closed eyelids making them seem to be in a sort of Zen-mode where they take things as they come, which would contrast sharply with the supposed insanity of smarmel with their eyes open. However, this isn’t particularly the case.

Another view on smarmel is that they are often set in their ways, shutting out other ideas—but, once more, this probably comes from the shut eyelids. It’s like nobody notices anything else. Well, I guess they do have trouble maintaining eye contact, or even starting it. Hey! Are you listening to me!?

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