National Novel Writing Month: Day 1

I have Fridays off, so I was able to spend all (or most of the) day starting up NaNoWriMo.

5433 words? 2 chapters? I am exceeding my expectations. I am excited, I must say. I’ve done the work of 3 days in one. Sunday or Monday I should have a real estimate of how long this novel will be, but early signs say it’ll be longer than I expected.

100,000 words, I’m coming for you.

Also, I forgot to mention it, but if I do finish NaNo (that is, just the 50,000 words in November), I will give Slubes a price drop for December. I wanted to make it half, but that would be lower than would be allowed, so maybe 60%? And other prices for Europe because wonkiness but point is it’ll be as much on sale as I can do in December should I finish NaNo.

Th… This isn’t really something anyone besides me can affect, so it’s kind of weird, though. But whatever. I’m doing it.

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