Species Profile: Ostrich

Still November… I assume! ‘Cause it’s the past! Quoted from the species appendix in Slubes:

Ostriches on Mintop generally look the same as those on Earth, except their bodies are straighter and taller. They also have slightly shorter necks and legs. Many ostriches lead a sedentary lifestyle. Their average lifespan is about 60 years, though the healthier and more active ostriches have been known to live over 80.

Physical Characteristics

The outward appearance of the ostrich, as quoted from my personal encyclopedia: “Ostriches on Mintop generally look the same as ostriches on Earth, only their bodies are more erect. They also have slightly shorter necks and legs. They’re slightly taller than slubes, about a third taller. Their wings end in a more hand-like extremity that allows for grasping.”

Ostriches are unique in being one of the few species to appear in Slubes that both directly share a name with a species on Earth and to be an intelligent species (there are some wild animals on Mintop also seen on Earth). This means they’re quite different from Earth ostriches, but a quick look wouldn’t suggest that, as they don’t look too different from Earth ostriches.

What really separates ostriches from Mintop is the fact that they’re intelligent and have a consciousness (sentience, sapience, whatever the carp you want to say) (at least as much as fictional characters can have!) (ha ha ha, yes, fictional), which means they can have a history and culture section!

History and Culture

There’s not a whole lot to say regarding that, though. Their place of origin is more of a mystery than most inhabitants of Hackney and Interp, although the best evidence points to a tiny island that may have once existed off the coast of Interp but then sank into the sea. Ostriches are known for a rather sedentary lifestyle—they aren’t necessarily lazy, but they are relaxed. At the same time, though, some of Mintop’s greatest sprinters and distance runners are ostriches; unfortunately, ostrich legs are rather fragile and susceptible to injury.

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