National Novel Writing Month is… (checks invisible watch) Almost Over!


So, uh, if you aren’t done, YOU STILL HAVE TIME. As for me…




I did, however, finish nine days early on the 21st. I could’ve done it earlier, actually, but around that time started getting an urge to watch videos of old video games.

So anyway, my total score was 66787, about two-thirds of the way to my secondary goal of 100,000–though I never expected to reach that, neither in November nor when I do eventually finish writing it (though I won’t rule it out in subsequent drafts). In the end I wrote up to chapter 29, and I have 9 more chapters to write, which I’ll begin in January.

This was also the first time I posted on the NaNo forums, though just at the local board. Maybe next year I’ll show up at a write-in or something!! I’d thought about it, but workkk. It… ate up less time than schoolwork when going to college, but it also made it harder to schedule things. Also, harder to feel like going places. I go places enoughhhh.

So, what did I write? The third book of the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos. I hope to release it in the first half of 2015, but as this surpassed the length by quite a bit of my first two books and it’s not even fully written yet, we’ll just have to wait and see.

So what am I doing next? Like I said, I’ll finish the last nine chapters in January. December is for returning to Darmenzi, my next book. The plan is to have a release date in February. After self-publishing Slubes, I may have a slightly better idea of how long it’ll take once I’m on the proofreading stage.

Until then, I’ll still be posting more species profiles for stuff from Slubes, which should last to the end of December. January may be a little quiet, but then I hope to begin rumbling come February…

Congratulations to fellow winners, good luck to those still working on it, and for those onlookers of NaNo, just smile and wave and you won’t get drowned by a tidal wave of our words.

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