Location Profile: Flaeneath and Species Profile: Phial

It’s been a while since one of these, huh? Over two months since a location profile. I was saving this one for last because, really, all the other profiles I’ve done so far are more important. Yes, even the wild animals one.

Flaeneath is an island, like pretty much every location in Slubes, but the notable thing about Flaeneath is that it’s not only deserted but desolate. Thousands of years ago the island was separated in two by a mountain (this still holds true today, though); on  one half was a lush, green forest and a rocky plains; on the east, another forest, but one that was dwindling during the last days of the inhabitants.

On the east side lived the phial, an aggressive bird species using the natural resources of their side to fuel a blossoming war machine (aka their society). On the west side lived the slube, a banana slug yeah yeah you know what they are (or, if you don’t…) They held a tenuous peace for many years until a war broke out between the two sides. The end result was devastation.

Phial don’t appear in Slubes because as far as anyone knows there are no more phial. As for Flaeneath, the weaponry—incredibly advanced for its time—caused so much destruction that life was wiped out on the island. Forests were decimated, and then the remaining 90% was also destroyed. The very soil on the island was degraded and left unsuitable for growth. All that remained on the island was junk and scrap left over by the phial, and the island became a wasteland.

Needless to say, the slubes left the island and settled on the island Hackney.

And that’s Flaeneath, or at least what is known of it. This counts as last week’s Sunday post, so here’s today’s: the phial!

The final species to appear in Slubes does so in a very limited manner—already dead, for one thing. Phial, having apparently been wiped out in ancient times, only make a brief appearance in an undead form.

Physical Characteristics

Ancient drawings of the phial suggest they were red and orange birds with fiery eyes and a yellow, hooked beak. Their wings and legs were short, and they had small, stocky bodies. Their skulls were somewhat long, in contrast to their short necks. Other than ancient drawings, the only knowledge of the phial’s appearance comes from skeletons.

History and Culture

Phials lived on the island Flaeneath in ancient times; texts from the time show them with an aggressive, war-focused society. They were said to have a shaky peace with the slubes on the other side of Flaeneath, mostly due to infighting among the phials. Remains of scrap scattered on Flaeneath suggests they were one of the most advanced societies on Mintop technology-wise. They were apparently wiped out in an invasion against the slubes, leading to the island becoming a desolate wasteland and the disappearance of the phial.

Aaand there we go! That’s everything from Slubes. I’ve been so busy at work that I’m kind of behind on Darmenzi, the next novel, but with any and all luck I’ll have some stuff in February. If not, March. If not, caaaarp.

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