Patreon Updates

My Patreon has been updated, changed, revamped, and rearranged. Most of the About/Description/What Have You is the same as before–the main chances are the Patreon video, of which there is a new (longer, ramblier, wizard hattier) one, and the rewards and milestones have been changed or moved. You can watch a video on it that quite frankly is too long and rambly but that’s what happens when I get in front of a camera.

It’s been about 8 or 9 months since I started Patreon, and since then I’ve learned some stuff. For one thing, I actually looked up the cost of shipping. It turns out mailing stuff is expensive! However, that’s why pledging through Patreon will still be less expensive than buying a book normally–no payment for shipping is added with Patreon.

Another big change are the milestones. I’ve pushed the two-chapter-a-week milestone up by a lot with the idea that I wouldn’t start that until I could get a part-time job so I’d have more time for writing. At the moment, chapters of Darmenzi are being finished the month before I post them, so the schedule is a bit tight. I think that’ll loosen once I get Slubes up to a certain point, but I have to think about the future–could I really increase the schedule while I’m working 5 days a week??

In addition to this, the first chapter of Darmenzi is posted for patrons now. Granted, as of writing this I do not have any patrons, but we’ve all gotta start somewhere, and that place is usually zero. It’s not like I really have a novel out yet anyway, right?

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