Spooky 3D Puzzles OF TERROR

Actually, that title should have been for that butterfly puzzle. That one was a real terror. I’ll once again point out it was a level 1 puzzle, and these two puzzles, levels 2 and 3, were far easier. Perhaps not easier to locate where all the pieces went, but definitely easier to actually put together, so I guess level is based on location, location, location, and not getting the dang thing together, getting the dang thing together, getting the dang thing together.

Oh, right. Images.


While working on a previous puzzle, my brother looked at a list of all the available ones and said the skull looked cool, so when I went to get more I saw it was there and got it and will give it to him for decoration later. This was pretty easy–being such a solid shape, at no point was it difficult to get together, although finding the starting point was a bit hard but that’s the case with most to all 3D puzzles.

The other one I did is slightly amazing.



I imagine this is the closest we’ll ever get to a Dinosaur Comics 3D Puzzle.

(And yes, I know I’m awful at taking not-blurry pictures. I’m also awful at holding the tablet steady, so whatevs.)

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