Notes scribbled in a library book

Seriously, who would do that? This is a library book. It exists for lots of people to read. Even if the notes you scribbled are kind of hilarious, it doesn’t excuse it. What would excuse it is if the book was once owned by someone else who had made the notes and then gave the book to the library, in which case you flip over from being lame to being cool. Your notes are still silly though so they’re getting posted.


yeah–didn’t say OVER fill it to 8 billion

oy vey

ditto omg

So in conclusion: don’t write in a library book, and if you give a book that’s been written in to the library, write another note on one of the last pages about how you think the world could be made into a better place. We will then create a library of better place ideas and send them to lawmakers. They will then proceed to ignore it and pass a bill saying cheese = pretty good

Still not as bad as the book I borrowed that had crumbs wedged between pages. I think that was the one that was returned a month late by the person who borrowed it before me. Sheesh.

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