More Frequent Posting

About a month or so ago I decided, hey, I should start trying to post more often. I was about to say as much when I remembered all the times I said I would do so and then didn’t, thereby looking like a fool. Then I thought, hey, maybe if I don’t say anything there will be no pressure and I’ll be able to do it easier!

So! How did that turn out?

Not very good no one’s surprised.

My plan was one blog post or three Tweets a day. I had 7 blog posts and 6 days with at least three tweets, although some of those overlapped. That’s less than half!

I think I started getting an idea, though. Most of the blog posts I made were short and silly, and I think I could do more of those. I just need to go to Wikipedia, hit the random article button, and then think of a short, silly thing to write on that subject. I would have started doing that a week ago but a few things stopped me, mainly it was nearly the end of the month so I gave up on the experiment. Also my ankle started hurting and then my foot, and such pain is reeeeeally distracting. Finally, I also noticed that my sleep schedule ends up getting in my way–if I’m up at night instead of day, I’m less likely to post because I don’t think anyone will see it. I don’t usually like the idea of setting something to post later on because it feels dishonest, but on the other hand, that’s really stupid, me. I’m typing this at 3:16, so I’ll set it to post at… oh… 11:11. I doubt I’ll be awake then.

June is the month I will try to kick this whole posting more often thing into an actual gear. June is also the third anniversary of Slubes being re-released, and it’s also the month I expect to have Darmenzi ready for the editor (… almost! I’m going to get some friends to look it over first.) This means it’s also the month I will begin work on my third novel again, Wandering Fortunes. A lot happens at once.

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