Smashwords Interview

Some three years after the feature was introduced, I made an interview for myself on Smashwords. Because I like talking about myself, but I really like responding about myself, which for the most part is what I did. Only a few questions I typed in myself since they were specifically related to the Duth Olec persona or I thought it would be useful. Eleven questions right now, I dunno what the limit is but I’ll probably just add another each month or a few when an event takes place.

What are you working on next?
I am always working on what is next! I guess this should be obvious, there’s not much of a reason to work on what you’ve already finished. As of right now I am working on Darmenzi, a book that takes place one year after my first, Slubes. This is mentioned briefly at the end of Slubes; I don’t want to give away too much regarding that novel, but in Darmenzi more than one problem shows up at once, and things get worse and then there’s a giant fire bird and a wind dragon and oh my goodness the chaos. As it turns out, the prog (in-progress) version of this can be read on my website! While I suggest Slubes is read first, I’ve striven to make Darmenzi comprehensible without reading it first.
Who are your favorite authors?
Terry Pratchett is definitely a favorite. Well, was. *sad* I’ve aaalmost read every Discworld novel. They’re funny, thought-provoking, and British, which I have been told I have a humor akin to. Gee, I wonder why??
Ryan North, while primarily known for comics, has also done a few novel-type things that always turn out hilarious. While not a traditional style of author, we don’t live in traditional times anymore. Internet!
I’ve also got to admire Salman Rushdie for not being afraid to write passionately and unapologetically?
Finally, because I’m weird, another who is technically a creator of a comic: Andrew Hussie. Although what he makes kind of transcends comics at some point. He’s weird and ridiculous, something I strive for in my life and writing.
What is your writing process?
Shut the door, sit down, block out all sounds, fingers on keyboard, WRITE. After ten to twenty minutes I’ll take a break and look at things. Of course sometimes I have to if I need to look something up for the writing, but for the most part my process simply involves writing and not doing other things.
Well, before that I suppose I do write out an outline for the story. This way I can figure out what I may need to look up ahead of time, plus if I get stuck I know what to aim for. I don’t always follow my outline, though–such a situation happens in my upcoming novel Darmenzi.
How do you approach cover design?
I’m fortunate to have become friends with some very talented artists! The cover art for both Slubes and Darmenzi was drawn by Eli Bock. I sent him a description of the characters and setting, and he draws it out, with me providing feedback as it goes. Once the art is drawn, I’ll put the title and other text wherever it looks good in relative position to the art.
What do you read for pleasure?
Strangely enough, comics. I read a lot of comics for someone who writes novels. Part of it is probably that each individual comic is short, so it’s easy to just read a few and then get back to work or whatever. Sometimes “a few” actually means “like ten or twenty” but, you know…
Dinosaur Comics and Nedroid are two of my favorite webcomics to just pull up random comics of to read. Invisible Bread, too.
Describe your desk
It’s actually a bed. I don’t really have a desk, so I place a 7 1/2-year old laptop on the box it came in, with the mousepad on an old Biology textbook (it’s thickest hardcover textbook I have). When writing, I’ll sit up and type, but if I’m doing other things or editing that doesn’t involve a lot of rewriting I may lay on my side. Do not try this at home! W-Wait, actually, no, only try this at home. Make sure you have plenty of rest, although coffee would probably suffice as a substitute, or you might fall asleep.
What was I saying? I dozed off. I’m just going to move on.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
For 13 or so years I grew up in Indiana in a liberal pit of the conservative state, which really influenced my views more than my writing. After 13 years I found the internet and completed my growing up on the internet, which is what really influenced my writing. You can be really weird on the internet and people will just respond, “ha ha, cool”.
When did you first start writing?
December of 2004 I joined the old official Nintendo NSider forums (no longer around). This introduced me to *shudder* online role-playing. It was terribly-done, but that’s when I first started writing. I did fan-fiction for years before I got into writing original things and became good. It’s not a bad way to get interested in writing, though, that’s certain. Just make sure you move on at some point.
Where do you put your writing online?
While the final products are available for purchase as an ebook here on Smashwords and physical book on Amazon…

Prog (or in-progress) versions of my novels and short stories are posted on my website and Wattpad…
And those are available for free, but you can see chapters early through my Patreon

Are you The Cloud?
What, ha ha, no, I’m Duth Olec of course. Don’t believe what you read.
Okay, but how similar are you to the Duth Olec in the novels?
Oof, not actually that much, which is probably a good thing. Like most people on the internet, Duth can very easily be a jerk. It’s not too far from how I act on the internet, but outside the internet I’m known as Jeremy Runyan. We’re like two different people almost–I’m quiet, I try to be helpful (when not too lazy), stay in the background, don’t make too much of a fuss, want people to get along, and Duth is pretty much none of that. Maybe it’s not a good idea to dig deeper beyond Duth Olec…

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