And now, spiders.

I went out for a walk today because of Pokemon GO and decided to head around the nearby lake again. There’s a trail. People walk on it. Maybe I can find a Pokemon?? (Spoilers, I didn’t.) As I walked on the trail along the lake, I looked up suddenly and was greeted by… THIS


Not just a trail. It’s really kind of really hard to see because it blends in, which is the whole point of it, but don’t worry. I also have… video footage.

Okay, still a little hard to see, but at about 8 seconds in it starts to become clear. Yes. All along the trail is a giant spider web. If you want to continue on this trail, you have to pay the toll. Of, um, walking through a big spider web. I’ve come across these before, but, oh man, never one this big. It’s like, bigger than my entire head.

For some reason spiders like to make their webs across trails. Are we sure they’re not secretly plotting to eat humans? Although I did see every few feet to the side of trails masses of webbing in some plants, so maybe those aren’t across the trail and it’s just there’s so many that inevitably some will be across the trails.

Also when I first nearly walked into it–seriously I was probably half a foot or less from walking into it–there was a spider hanging right in the center of it. No idea what kind of spider it is. After I saw the spider it crawled up its web to the side, pooed out to the ground a few drops of something from its abdomen, and then went on its way. I didn’t actually think to record a video until I’d left, so I returned to take the pictures and such, and I didn’t see the spider anymore. If I had I would’ve taken its picture and asked the internet for an opinion.

I should probably mention the like 5 or 6 spider webs I did walk through beforehand. I believe we can come to only one conclusion… Indiana has a spider problem.

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