Merry Clichemas! Have a Clichemas tale

I originally went shopping around the end of November. By “went shopping” I mean I ordered stuff online. There were lists for each people, and I got stuff on the list, and got them delivered, and wrapped them, and all was good.

I got my brother the movies Interstellar and The Brothers Grimsby. Turns out his girlfriend also got him those later! She didn’t know, I don’t think.

Before I’d ordered I’d shown my mom the gifts so she was aware. I got my dad The Princess Bride (the movie). You know where this is going; my mom got my dad that movie, too! An older release, actually, at an actual store nearby. Well, I told her I’d gotten him that. I thought she returned it. She didn’t. Must have slipped her mind. He got two copies!

It’s the Clichemas of duplicate gifts.

My mom got my brother’s girlfriend Secret Life of Pets, my dad got my mom Secret Life of Pets, and my mom also got my dad Secret Life of Pets.


Communication is key to any good Clichemas.

I’ll tell you what Clichemas is in a couple years.

Merry End of 2016!

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