Bad Rep[resentative]

A little while ago our US Congress worked on a bill designed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, although because it wasn’t Single-Payer, it was worthless. In fact, it was less than worthless: it was bad. They called the American Health America* Care American* Actamerica*, although the Rich Tax Cut No Health Care Not Act would be more accurate. People gave it other names like Trumpcare, Ryancare, Republicare, Republican’t. Well, Rebublicouldn’t, and the bill didn’t pass. Hooray!

Before it didn’t pass, though, I emailed my reps coming out against it. (Technically I emailed them through an activism website or whatever, but same thing.) And I got a response. Now, this is Indiana, aka Wannabe South, aka India, NA. Even our Democrats are… er… Well, anyway, I got a response from rep Trey Hollingsworth. I don’t know what hollings is but it sounds a bit like hollerings, so I don’t actually have a joke here.

I posted a response on Twitter, taking a screenshot of the email and writing my responses in. It um. Okay, so I could’ve organized this a little better. I’ll type it up below the image… with some edits.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the future of health care and the health insurance marketplace. I appreciate you reaching out, and I wanted to share my position on this vital issue.
Obamacare (don’t call it that) is broken and failing. (No it isn’t.) The law has brought about rising premiums (Offset by tax credits that would be ruined by the AHCA), unreachable deductibles (Those were already there), and has rigged the system (Also already there) against the best interests of patients. I was sent to Washington with a clear directive: repeal and replace Obamacare. (NO YOU FIGGIN WEREN’T) Unfortunately, a subset of short-sighted career politicians failed to accomplish that mission. (Along with a bunch of people who said that was in no way the directive) (Did this guy have any town halls, I really want to go to a town hall he’s at now)
I will continue to fight to repeal Obamacare (DON’T), while aggressively supporting a replacement plan (single-payer?) that ensures availability (Single-payer), portability, flexibility, and affordability (Single-Payer!) for every American. My goal is to provide everyone with real, affordable health care delivered in the most effective way: through a robust free market (NO NO NO NO NO) system. (NO NO NO that is terrible and dumb and you will be terrible and dumb for it) (The market may be robust but the people are sick and dying because of it. A free market health insurance system is what we need to get rid of.)
My most important role is advocating on your behalf as your Representative. (Then leave because you’re doing a bad job of it.) I hope that you will continue to keep me informed of the issues that matter most (single-payer) to you and your family. (Also an open internet and as a public utility but one thin at a time I guess.)
Please connect [etc. etc.]
Be of good cheer, (NO)

So anyway I got an email from him or his office anyway with a 2017 issues survey, let’s see what’s on the– oh Gourd.

Repealing Obamacare? NO. Cutting government spending? NO. Defunding Planned Parenthood? Wt–ig–dt– NO, that doesn’t even really make sense! Fighting for term limits?

… Er, actually, I kind of agree with that one. I actually think it should be a limit on recurring term limits, that is, maybe two terms and then you’d have to sit one or two out before running again, I’m not totally against lifetime term limits but rotate it around every so often to keep it fresh, although, now that I think about it, I suppose, that could make the revolving door problem even worse…

Fixing the Veteran’s Administration? Well, yes. Improving infrastructure? Yes! Protecting gun rights– NO. I GIVE NOT A FIG FOR YOUR KILLTOYS. Protecting Social Security and Medicare? Yes! Reducing excessive government regulation– NO, anything you think of as excessive is in all probability most likely not, such as, oh, not letting ISP companies sell your figgin information!

Reforming the tax code, I don’t know enough about it though I admit I assume at this point his ideas for it are not good, securing our borders no, and strengthening our national security NO DEFENSE BUDGET IS TOO HIGH AS IT IS

So yeah. Garbage survey. Doesn’t even have an “other”. Although I guess it does have a “none of the above” which is a figgin useless answer, probably even more than “all of the above”. And I don’t want any email updates from him anyways.

*extra America added for emphasis

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