Wandering Fortunes Chapter 4, Off the Walls

Chapter 4 of Wandering Fortunes is here, a little late. Now that Top lives with Alden and his family, it’s time for them to adjust. Or maybe not. Aside from more Top silliness we get to see the inside of Orville’s shack and get to know Alden’s family a bit more. Plus this features the first of a few scenes featuring a huge amount of food!

As always there is Patreon, funds from which would help me not kill myself trying to get everything done ASAP so I’ll complete everything before I have to go back to a dayjob I want to kill. Also I need to update that a bit, I wanted to make some changes. Thanks for reminding me, me. Let me add that to the to-do list. SPEAKING OF WHICH:

Update on me: BUSY. I’ve been ridiculously busy lately. I’m about half a month behind on most of my to-do list. I did finally get back to work on Wandering Fortunes though, which is good because as of now I only have two more chapters already ready. “Already ready.” That sounds weird. Anyway, it’s been no easy task–I stopped just before a big chapter with lots of editing needed for the sake of the fact that it introduces a lot of new stuff. Plus I had new edits I needed to do on older chapters (which means already the chapters you see up have been edited further). I finally got past the initial editing though and I’m almost halfway done with the editing for it.

Of course, there’s also the Pokemon comic I’m still working on (wait, I don’t know if I posted comics 51-60 on here, I’m gonna have to do that later). Because I’ve been so busy with everything I’ve actually cut down the amount of work I schedule for myself–I was trying for 3 comics a week, I cut it to 2 (which I’m still not making…) I also went from one chapter a week to two, at least while I’m also doing that comic. I generally have about 6 things I want to do a day, which is kind of crazy, me.

I also started a personal wiki for Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos information–the Word Document I had was way too bloated to navigate well. I’m going to have a post later about making a personal wiki after I work in it a bit more. I’m still (or I am, if I never mentioned this) writing brand-new material on Sundays, since I hadn’t done so since I think figgin 2014. Maybe 2015. Either way, still. It’s been a while.

I’ve also tried to go on daily walks (admittedly I’ve missed the last couple days), and I’ve been doing some game videos again with Banjo-Kazooie, going to do Banjo-Tooie next, and since Yooka-Laylee will record videos for that, probably while I’m still uploading Banjo-Tooie, so those will be together. Excited for Yooka-Laylee! Last thing to note is Darmenzi: the book is on its way, but there’s stuff I’m working on with my editor. As soon as things are ready to be completed I will scream it to the internet heavens!

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