With some of the games coming for the Nintendo Switch later this year I’m gonna want to get one soon, but the stock has been pretty abysmal from what I’ve heard, so I figured it’d be a good idea to get one sooner rather than later. I called Wal-Mart today (look it’s the only nearby place that has game systems, everything else is on the east side near the mall all we got here on the west side are trees and lakes, PFFT NATURE) and they had a couple in stock.

But I was like, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhhshhhshshhsshhswaieurduncare

I’ll definitely want one before mid-August; still don’t know if I’m getting Spla2n, I want more friends who are getting it. But half the time I’m like “i’m going to buy this thing” and five seconds later I’m like “i really really don’t want to buy this thing”. And buying something when you don’t want to sounds insane so I end up not doing it.

This is probably a habit I want to cultivate. Some people are spendthrifts. I’m a savethrift. Some people want to spend money all the time. I want to spend money never.

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