If there’d been no internet…

I just kinda realized I have absolutely no idea what I would be doing if there hadn’t been internet. It’s very possible I’d be on the verge of crippling emptiness by now. Not because I’ve ever been close to that in this timeline, but just because I don’t think I’d have anything going for me that I actually care about.

The internet didn’t start until after video games, so we could assume video games would still be around in this timeline. Honestly, before the internet that was just about the only thing I had any passion for. I was good at math, I liked creating ideas, and you’d think it would have fit. But back then I never really realized how much I’d have to learn about creating them, and the only time I ever tried learning any sort of programming I was a total failure at it. (Could’ve been due to public schools, but I’m not convinced about that.) Plus, I’m living in figgin Indiana. There’s a few game companies here and there in this state, but not any near here, and oh yeah, they probably wouldn’t have started without the internet.

So that’s out. I didn’t actually really get into writing (or reading even) until I was on the internet and on forums and writing crazy collaborative role play stories with other weirdos whom I will always love and cherish forever because you’re all awesome. So I wouldn’t have gone into writing without the internet.

well, there goes all my passions, what else you got for me, alternate-life

So I mentioned I’m good at math. It took me some time to decide on a major in college. What would I have majored in without the internet? I majored in English, but wouldn’t have without getting into writing and reading. So, math?? Would I have just gone with math?? Would I have gone with something else entirely?? In this timeline I actually don’t think college affected me that much. Maybe it wouldn’t have in the other timeline? Or maybe in the other timeline, directionless, I would have gotten a job related to whatever major I went into?

If math, then… accounting or some fig??

So now we imagine some dude, his job is accounting (WHAT DOES THAT EVEN ENTAIL), his only source of enjoyment is… video games? He doesn’t have any friends, I don’t have any physical realm friends because I am the worst at physical realm interaction, all my friends are on the internet, so we got a dude, no friends, doing accounting or something…

Oh wow, maybe he makes a good wage doing this!

Oh wow, maybe he doesn’t give a fig about that!

i dunno i don’t want to say i’d EVENTUALLY BECOME A TERRORIST, but i’d probably eventually just crawl in a ditch and take a nap forever

Who knows though maybe I’d get into baking or cooking and become a cool chef, it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL WITH OUR CURRENT LEVEL OF TECHNOLOGY

but in a thousand years we’ll have the What If Machine and can find out

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