Odemon #143

In a little house in the suburbs lived an aspiring game designer by the name of Jonash Ketchuckle. No, wait. Ashjon Arbucketchum. There we go.
One day Ashjon cooked a lasagna, and he left it on the counter to cool. When he came back, there was only the lasagna pan left. He immediately expected his pet Pokemon, Garfield, who always ate his food.
“Garfield! Where are you?” He walked through the house looking for his pet. In the living room he looked up and saw Garfield hanging from the curtains. “Garfield! Get down from there.”
The curtains and window frame crashed to the floor as Garfield the Snorlax fell down. He was asleep, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have eaten Ashjon’s lasagna. He knew Garfield was a fast sleeper, especially after eating. He shouted at Garfield to wake up, but to no avail.
Ashjon knew how to wake Garfield up, though. He turned on the television, and like a Pokeflute, Garfield woke up and jumped onto the easychair in front of the TV, flattening it. The third chair this week.
Ashjon showed Garfield the empty lasagna pan. “Garfield, did you eat this lasagna?”
Garfield ate the pan and said, “What lasagna?” Ashjon glared at Garfield.
“Fair enough.” He walked away.

-Odemon #143 Snorlax

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