Odemon #585

In the spring is fresh
Pink fur and whoa whoa whoa now, wait a sec,
Another season haiku so quick? Well heck,
Let’s not repeat, let’s get a different beat,
Let’s try something different and neat.
It’s Deerling, hear? These little fawns
Change their look as a new season dawns.
First we have Spring,
As the birds take wing,
We got pink Deerling,
On its head is flower bling.
Next we got Summer,
This heat is a bummer,
The green fur’s a newcomer,
As the bugs are all-a-hummer.
Third season’s Autumn,
Orange fur’s got ’em,
Hide in the leaves as they taught ’em,
Color unchanging on the bottom.
Fourth season’s Winter,
Like the others it’s a tinter
Of the fur that is not hinter
‘Cause now this fawn’s a brown sprinter.

-Odemon #585 Deerling

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