Odemon #367

Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, it’s the Huntail! Into action is its shout! From the ocean to the city, it will come there (eventually), to bite evil in the snout!
Clamperl was a poor Clamperl, hungry without chomp, ’till the day it saved a chunky Spheal from being eaten by a Marshtomp. The Spheal rewarded Clamperl with a magic sack of many a tooth. It gained strength, and speed, and shiny teeth, and as a Huntail was made newth!
Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, it’s the Huntail! It bites the pants off the bad guys. If there’s an emergency, sound the Clam of Urgency, and summon the Huntail. Into action is its cry!

-Odemon #367 Huntail

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