Odemon? #362

It was another peaceful day in the quiet fields of Dreamland– Wait, Dreamland? I thought this was Odemon. Okay, whatever. The birds were signing, the Waddle Dees were napping, and Kirby was strolling along a path, heading for whatever the nearest source of food was, probably one of those Waddle Dees.
“Raaah!” A Scarfy appeared, flailing menaclingly at Kirby. Kirby blew a puff of air at the Scarfy and it died.
But that’s not the end of the story. Mostly because if it was it could hardly be called Odemon, could it? No, the Scarfy didn’t quite die. And someone found it. And someone took it.
The Frozen General Francisca– Whoa, whoa, wait, Francisca?? The game she’s in isn’t even out yet! This is being done like two months too early. We’re just flying dark here! Dark and icy. Hey, it’s how I like it.
General Francisca looked at the defeated Scarfy. It was battered, beaten. But it could be rebuilt. It could be remade.
First, a layer of rock. Weak rock, but flexible. The strength would come from the armor. Ice armor, surrounding it in criss-crossing patterns. Ice too hard to be melted by mere fire. Finally, a new set of huge teeth to bite its enemies with. It would now be…
Okay, that explains it.

It was yet another peaceful day in Dreamland. Kirby strolled along a path, heading for–
“Raaah!” Glalie charged at Kirby, its hard ice body freezing the moisture around it. Kirby blew a puff of air at Glalie.
Glalie fell back and part of its armor shattered, but then a horn grew above its eyes and its body ripped open, revealing a huge mouth halfway across its head lined with teeth. It flapped its huge chompers and it flew once more for Kirby in a roar.
The pink puffball blew a puff of air at Mega Glalie and it died.

-Odemon #362 Glalie

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