Odemon #320

It wasn’t supposed to go this way.
He’d lived on land years ago. He remembered. Well, maybe the memories were older than his entire life, but he still remembered them.
Wailmer looked at the sand below him. It hurt to be on it. It hurt to not be in the water.
He looked up at the tree above with the funny yelling tiny creature.
“Get off of my lawn!” Crabrawler shouted from atop the tree. “You’re not supposed to be here! You belong in the water with the other Waters! We don’t like your kind here! Get on outta here!”
“Excuse me sir,” Wailmer said. “But I am supposed to be here. I used to live here.”
“That’s ridiculous! You live in the water, boy. Don’t make me come down there. You don’t want me to come down there! I don’t want me to go down there, either.”
Wailmer shifted on the sand. “If I could just…” He shifted his face up, his back towards the ocean. If he could shoot a jet of water out the nostrils on his back he could propel himself further inland where he needed to go.
He sprayed the jet of water, but it only sent him rolling forward, shoving his face into the itchy sand.
“Blagh! Spraying me with water, are you?” Crabrawler said. “Durn hooligan. I’m coming down there!”
“No, no, you don’t– Sorry,” Wailmer said, “it was an accident.” He peered up at the Crabrawler, a third his height but winding up his claw for a punch.
“Gonna get you offa here if I gotta do it myself.”
“No, wait,” Wailmer said, “no-no-no-no the other– the other way!” Crabrawler walloped Wailmer with a punch that sent the Ball Whale Pokemon flying through the air like a shooting star until he splashed into the ocean, the beach barely a shadow on the horizon from there.
Wailmer rolled on the ocean surface. He looked in the direction of the land.
“Well, not doing that again.”
Anyway he did it again the next day.

-Odemon #320 Wailmer

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