Odemon #424

Pikachu and Charizard were dumped onto a platform out in space, or at least space’s flashier cousin. They’d beaten all the previous fighters, all the giant and metal and bunny and hamburger variants, all the teams of faceless and faceful armies, and now it was time for the final challenge.
A grand chittering laugh echoed from space as a tan glove emerged, fat as if filled with water. A second laugh preceded a second glove, same as the first.
The two gloves pounded the platform’s edges, and the two Pokemon charged. Pikachu spun into the right glove while Charizard blasted flames at the left. The left glove pulled out bombs from nowhere and tossed them at Charizard. The flying, flaming lizard dodged back towards the right glove and threw Pikachu at it for a Skull Bash, but the right glove smacked Charizard into the left’s bombs.
Pikachu skidded next to Charizard on the ground to see if their buddy was okay. Charizard flipped up and roared. They charged at the left hand, and Pikachu rolled away as the right floppily walked along the platform. Once it stopped Pikachu climbed up onto the hand and– What’s this, they wondered? Some sort of purple cuffs leading to… rope?
As Charizard dodged the left hand’s floppy attacks, Pikachu called out to it, pointing to the top of the hand. The right hand slapped Pikachu off, but Charizard got the message. It flew straight for the left hand; it reached to grab Charizard, but it flew back, and when the left hand clenched Charizard jumped on top of it and smashed it down, pulling on the rope.
With a screech the hands fell to the platform, followed by an Ambipom. Pikachu and Charizard stared at the long-tailed Pokemon, who simply grinned and shrugged.
The fighters charged at Ambipom, who screeched and climbed down under the platform. Charizard flew after her, and Ambipom climbed further under the platform, up the other side, and immediately got shocked by Pikachu, after which Charizard threw her off the stage.
Oh well.

-Odemon #424 Ambipom

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