Odemon #519

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a Goodfeather. See if you were a Goodfeather, you had it all. You were a somebody, in a neighborhood full of nobodies, like Bobby and Pesto. Those guys were my heroes.
Down main street they would walk, at first glance just a Tailow and a Pidgey, but they would strut so high that you just knew they owned the place.
“Hey, coo, I’m walking here,” Pesto would say.
“You walking with me?” Bobby would say. “Is that what your doing? You walking with me? I don’t see anybody else here. You walking with me?”
Bobby and Pesto weren’t afraid of nothing or nobody. Even against a ferocious cat Pokemon, like an Espurr, they would put their heads together and show it who’s boss. It would be so dazed when they were through with it, it was like it didn’t even know they were there.
I called out to them and waved, hoping to get their attention. Once they noticed me I flew down there.
“How you doing, Bobby? Uh, hiya, Pesto!”
“Coo,” Bobby said, no doubt a greeting to me. “Well look what we got over here.”
“What’s with you, Pidove?” Pesto asked.
“Well I’d like to become a Goodfeather.” I gave them the biggest, friendliest grin I could muster.
Bobby and Pesto looked at each other… and then they laughed at me. They could barely stand up from how much they laughed at me. They were definitely not interested. In fact, they were so not interested Bobby had Pesto kick my behind away!
Even though they kept laughing, I wasn’t going to give up. I tried to convince him.
“Aw, don’t laugh, guys. I just wanna be a tough bird, you know, like you, Pesto.”
“What do you mean by that?” he asked.
“I said your tough, that’s all.” I meant it as a compliment, but for some reason he didn’t take to that at all.
“You’re saying I’m an overdone piece of meat, is that what you’re saying? What am I, a plate of dry steak-butt meat here to amuse you?”
I tried to explain myself. “No, I didn’t say that, I just said your tough.”
“I am tough?”
“I’m tough.”
“Yeah, you’re tough.”
He turned around. I thought he understood what I meant at thatp oint, but…
“That’s it!” He turned back and immediately started beating me up.
duth olec’s note: this isn’t as funny as i thought. someone with video editing skills should probably just take the corresponding episode and paste the corresponding pokemon over the characters. the end.

-Odemon #519 Pidove (note to self: don’t rewrite visual media into a narrative for this. especially not with the actual script to refer to??)

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