Odemon #647

“Hey, guys! Wait for me!”
Keldeo ran after the Swords of Justice trio, but skidded to a halt as Cobalion appeared right in front of him.
“No, Keldeo,” Cobalion said. “This is a threat bigger than anything we’ve encountered before.”
Virizion poked their head out from behind a tree. “Both in physical scale and danger scale, even.”
“But I can take it,” Keldeo said. “I’ve got the mad skills.”
“It’s not just humans this time, Keldeo,” Cobalion said. “This is a threat beyond humans. It’s a threat to Pokemon and humans alike.”
“Which is crazy when you think about it!” Terrakion poked their head out from behind a boulder. “You’d think humans would be the biggest dang threat to themselves.”
“Right.” Cobalion turned away and looked back at Keldeo. “We’ll come for you when the threat is eliminated.” They looked up. In the distance smoke rose over the forest. “We’ll probably need your water abilities.”
The three ran ahead, leaving Keldeo behind.
“Aw,” Keldeo said. “I can do anything they can. I mean, I’m in the OU tier! None of them are even that high.”
“Then why don’t you follow?”
Keldeo screamed and stumbled forward, spinning to face whoever spoke behind them. They relaxed–it was one of the Alola guardian dieties, Tapu Lele. Wait, then where is this even taking place? Oh well.
“If you can do anything they can then you could help them, right?” Tapu Lele asked.
“I mean, yeah,” Keldeo said. “But they want me to stay behind.”
“But if you stay behind you can’t help,” Tapu Lele said. “Then what if they need you?”
“Hey, you’re right,” Keldeo said. “They might need me. They might not be able to face this threat without me, and my staying here would ruin everything! I gotta go help them!” Keldeo ran off to catch up with the others.
Tapu Lele waved to the Colt Pokemon. “Okay! Have fun!”

Verizion galloped through the flaming forest, herding fleeing Pokemon to a safer area. “I’ve got this area clear!”
“All right, then let’s show this hulking monstrosity some sword power!” Terrakion leapt at the towering Launch Pokemon and slashed their horns at Celesteela. The Ultra Beast blocked it with a jet arm, and Terrakion stumbled down. Celesteela launched a bomb from its arm at the Cavern Pokemon and blasted them to the ground.
Terrakion growled as they stood up. “That’s a damn tough towering monstrosity.”
Cobalion raced past Terrakion. “It’s slow. Stay on the move and attack in openings!”
The three Swords of Justice ran around Celesteela, leaping over flaming, fallen trees. When one ran behind the Ultra Beast they landed a hit on it.
Celesteela lifted a jet arm behind it and slammed it into the ground, throwing up earth and trees. Virizion flew back from the force and fell towards a pile of burning trees, but a swift kick changed their course and they landed on stable footing.
“It doesn’t matter how slow it is when it’s big enough to sweep the whole forest in one blow!”
“Just keep moving,” Cobalion yelled. “Speed is the one thing we have against it.” As Cobalion ran, Celesteela picked up a mount of earth and hurled it at the Iron Will Pokemon. Cobalion jumped back from it, but the dirt toppled a group of burning trees that collapsed down onto Cobalion.
A surge of water blasted through the burning trees, scattering some and throwing others at Celesteela. “Oh yeah! I’m here!” Keldeo lowered their hooves. “There’s plenty more where that came from, rocket tower!”
“Keldeo!” Cobalion shouted. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m here to help,” Keldeo said. “I came just in time, by the looks of it.” Keldeo charged at Celesteela. They lifted their hooves and blasted a stream of water at the Launch Pokemon. Celesteela countered with a laserbeam that cut through the water straight at Keldeo. The Colt Pokemon screamed, but Cobalion caught Keldeo and pulled them out of the way, the outer blast of the Solarbeam hitting them. Keldeo’s flesh burned–but he was alive.
Cobalion dropped Keldeo behind a set of trees. The Colt Pokemon could barely stand.
“Stay back from the fight,” Cobalion said. “We need you safe afterwards to put out this fire.” They turned and jumped back into the fight.
“Oh no!” Tapu Lele watched the fight from above the forest. “I guess they aren’t good enough.” The Land Spirit Pokemon shrugged. “Oh well.” They left to go take a nap.

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