Odemon #779

Item #: SCP-P779
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: probably a tank of water with like, psychic block machines or something, i dunno. Under no circumstances is SCP-P779 to be allowed within any feet of Mareanie. Shellder is okay. Feed it all the Shellder it wants. just don’t hurt mareanie
Description: SCP-P779 is a fish with prominent lips and strong, sharp teeth able to shatter substances harder than diamond. Its true anomalous properties begin when the protuberance on its head opens up, at which point it releases a constant low-level, during which the grating sound of grinding teeth echoes through the area. When it focuses on something it has identified as prey the level of psychic power increases and the prey is stunned.
Acquisition: this thing figgin BIT A HOLE THROUGH MY NEW BOAT, i called in every figgin strike team within a thousand miles to help me take revenge but then they say it’s an scp and i can’t kill it?? WHERE’S THE JUSTICE
Note from a real researcher: boy this thing is ugly

-Odemon #779 Bruxish

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