Odemon #763

Kick! Kick! Kick! With boisterous laughter echoing through the forest, Tsareena repeatedly kicked the Weedle she had just defeated in battle, laughing at the little bug as it was unable to do anything but take it.
A few trees away, a group of Pokemon watched.
“Okay, that’s just excessive,” Scrafty said. “And that’s coming from me!”
“Gotta say, I feel like someone should teach her a lesson,” Hitmontop said. “Stop her always doing this.”
Hitmonlee stepped forward. “I’ll do it. I’m the strongest kicker.”
“No way, dude, I got the sweet kicks,” Scrafty said.
“Mon, I’m way more stylish than either of you, I should do it,” Hitmontop said.
Blaziken stepped forward. “I have Fire kicks,” he said. “I will be stronger against her.”
“I got Fire kicks too!” Hitmonlee said.
They all argued, shouting about the best kicker and how anyone could have Fire kicks if they just set their foot on fire.
Lopunny sighed. Those four weren’t getting anywhere. Tsareena was still kicking Weedle.
The Rabbit Pokemon ran forward. “Hey, jerk!” she shouted. Tsareena turned and got a kick to the face from Lopunny, knocking her to the ground.
“You don’t kick somebody while they’re down,” Lopunny said. Tsareena flipped up and spun at Lopunny, and the two fought.
The four dude Pokemon stopped arguing when they saw the fight. Hitmonlee shouted, “Cat fight!”
The fight stopped and they looked at the others. Everyone stepped away from Hitmonlee.
Tsareena and Lopunny beat up Hitmonlee instead.

-Odemon #763 Tsareena

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