Odemon #711

Hi, I’m Gourgeist, and this is my guitar Carol. Say hi, Carol. {performs an E major scale} Ooh, E scale. Nice choice. When I’m not rockin’ out, I like to dig in my garden and eat. I’m a fiercely independent woman, and I’m fiercely independent about the meat products that I choose. Swirlix and I {Swirlix leans in frame} are one hot item when I say we are. And today we are.
I like baby Pokemon, and Espurr and Houndour. But it makes me sad to see Espurr and Houndour in the same room together. Okay, bye. I’m off to the Minccino protest. {She pulls out a protest sign that reads “Minccino OUT!! (of my basement)” and walks away} {Swirlix leans in frame}

-Odemon #711 Gourgeist

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