Odemon #601

-It had seemed like such a good idea at the time.
-I was all for it, I remember.
-Yes, you were. I was a little skeptical–
-Oh, don’t give me that.
-Fine, I was down for it too. I was just worried we’d get a wig or something and that would get caught in our gears.
-A Mega. Our trainer wanted to try and get me a Mega. Mega Klinklang. It’d have been awesome.
-Of course, not a whole lot of people had heard of Megas in this area.
-Isn’t there like, one native Pokemon that had it?
-Audino, yeah.
-Yeah, and doesn’t it like, turn into a Fairy?
-Isn’t it already a fairy?
-I dunno. Man, I want to be a fairy.
-Better than this. So yeah, Klinklangite. Our trainer was a chemist, he thought he could create the stone in his lab. Boy, was he wrong.
-Well, not necessarily. Maybe he could have, just something went wrong.
-Point is, Mega Stones are something that has to be made by nature, or it will go wrong.
-Ooh, wait, what if it DIDN’T go wrong and this IS my Mega form! That’d be why no one ever found it!
-Because it’s useless and sucks for everyone involved?
-Uh… yeah.
-Well, he synthesizes SOME stone, I hold it, and then I battle a colleague of his.
-Hey, that’s me!
-Shut up. You know that Ferroseed can’t talk. She… I don’t even think she exists anymore.
-I… I know. I just… I hate this.
-I do, too.
-I hate what I am. What I’ve done.
-If I could find that blasted stone… But it probably got turned into a screw or gear or something.
-So yeah, you were saying, I battled a colleague.
-Yeah, I battled a Ferroseed. My trainer activated the Mega Stone as usual, but nothing seemed to change. I looked the same.
-He thought it was a failure.
-Oh, if only it had been. When Ferroseed rammed into us, she… stuck. She just stuck to us. They couldn’t pull her off.
-They thought it was a Magnet Pull ability, didn’t they?
-If this really is our Mega, maybe that’s our ability.
-More like Mind Pull.
-Ferroseed had stuck where the Mega Stone was, so they couldn’t remove it. They started researching frantically, trying to find some way to separate us, but then… the screaming.
-Ferroseed’s screaming…
-She was being transformed. Into a gear. Not a Klink, just a regular gear. It was excruciating for her, I could tell. Her spines fell off, and her screaming stopped.
-A gear.
-Spinning along with the rest of me as if it were meant to be there.
-Then things went downhill wildly.
-Other metal objects would stick to us just as readily, and our trainer decided, hey, let’s just stick more metal crap to it!
-He started calling me noisy, saying I needed a tune-up or something. No, what I needed was to be fixed!
-He just kept sticking metal stuff on me, asking if I liked that, if that would make me simmer down or whatever. No! I told him I didn’t like it but he didn’t seem to hear me anymore!
-Then everyone else in the building started to join in. They just threw metal stuff onto me and they stuck and turned into more gears and screws, belts and pulleys. I was turning into a monster!
-Tools, computers, pipes… a Durant once.
-That squishing… it was so awful.
-I guess they started stealing stuff, because eventually the cops showed up. I think.
-At that point I could hardly see out through all the new gears and stuff, but I guess they figured if I stopped moving people would stop putting junk on me.
-Well anyway, that’s how I ended up in this giant tank of salty water.
-My only hope is they’re still researching a way to fix me…

-Odemon #601 Klinklang

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