Odemon #606

“And so our ship crashed on this planet, deep in the desert. All but one of us perished that day, the rest of us cursed to remain in this tower as ghosts.”
Chandelure stared at the Elgyem. “Dude, you’re not dead.”
“Yes we are,” Elgyem said. “We are spirits. Though you as a fellow spirit can see us as normal, to most we are but–”
Chandelure bonked him on the head. “No, you’re alive. If you were all spirits I’d be gobbling you up like a buffet.”
“But… But that’s impossible! We all have very vivid memories of the crash! Everyone died except one, a lone Elgyem roaming the world all alone. She even wrote an elegy about it!”
“Look, I don’t care if you all have the same memory of the whole planet exploding and recited the same information word-for-word, you’re all alive and as healthy as someone living in a grave tower can be and–”
Beheeyem shoved Chandelure over. “STOP, YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN IT”

-Odemon #606 Beheeyem (follow-up from yesterday)

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