Odemon #530

Excadrill jumped out of the silo and looked at the Drilbur lined up. “Atten–TION!” The Drilbur all stood to attention. Excadrill walked past, staring at them.
“Well, what do we have here? The sorriest bunch of recruits I’ve ever seen. But let me tell you something, punks, when I’m through with you, you will either be fine, fit, finished soldiers or on your butt back in the hole you crawled out of!”
He stopped and turned to face the recruits at the center. “Now! We will begin!”
Excadrill marched in place, and the Drilbur joined.
“You might think this move is weak,
“But when danger comes it is the peak!
“Trapped or hazards and you can’t flee,
“Spin your way out and you’ll be free!”
“Ten-hut! Next lesson!”
“You’ve got those claws so make some use,
“You won’t have to fall on a bad excuse!
“Slash with metal and your claws will hit,
“And your Attack might go up just a bit!”
“Ten-hut! Next lesson!”
“When you have an opening, take a chance,
“That’s right, now we’ll teach you how to dance!
“Swing your claws like you’ve got a sword,
“Your Attack power’ll shoot way up the board!”
“Ten-hut! Next lesson!”
“You may think you dig pretty good,
“But you don’t do it how you should!
“Place your claws together and spin,
“This drill’s higher crit chance’ll let you win!”

-Odemon #530 Excadrill

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