Odemon #417

Pachirisu, little friend
Rubbing cheecks, electric lend
Crackling furball, stuffed with static
Stores them up inside its attic
A fearsome foe? ‘Risu runs away
To charge ahead some other day
Picks up items, berries, and more
Still picks up electric balls of fur
But then you find that special squirrel
Whose battle prowess can unfurl
Absorbs electricity like it’s food
Type immunity! That must be good
And yes, this squirrel can take a hit
For such a cutie, it has grit
Now speed past foes and shock them back
With the paralyzing cuteness of a Nuzzle attack
Then use Gunk Shot–wait, Gunk Shot?
That’s… uh… cool…
maybe not that cute though

-Odemon #417

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