Odemon #107

This mon’ can really make a hit!
His flurry of punches just won’t quit!
Hitmonchan, that’s his name,
His punches put all the rest to shame!
One punch, two punch, three, four, five,
His Comet Punch will show his drive!
Blink or you’ll miss his fast Mach Punch,
The corkscrew motion turns concrete to lunch!
His punches outspeed a bullet train,
Bullet Punch won’t even rust in rain?
Vacuum Wave
uh, never mind, you won’t be using this one
Elements stored inside his fist:
Thunder, Ice, Fire Punch, what a list!
Flying away? You can’t escape,
Sky Uppercut keeps you in the scrape!
Now rest.
Focus Punch hits above the rest!
Hitmonchan, boxer supreme!
Fisticuff member of the Hitmon-team!

-Odemon #107 Hitmonchan

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