Odemon #65

Alakazam remembers everything. It has a perfect memory, its brain cells always multiplying. Can you imagine it? It never loses its car keys. It never has to recheck if something is right. It wins all the trivia contests, and its accounting is perfect. Sure, there are a few problems. He remembers every stupid mistake, every embarrassing moment. He remembers every word, every inflection of his last conversation with her. He remembers everything he did wrong in the relationship. It replays in his memory every hour of every day, never leaving his mind, the senses fresh as ever. But really, that’s actually a good thing. He knows what he did wrong, every single thing, and he knows now to improve that. He won’t make the same mistakes again, he knows exactly what to do right, he’s really improved this time, really–
“Enough already, Alakazam!”
“But I’m serious, Mienshao!” Alakazam said. “I’m different now, really, I know everything I did wrong–”
“This is what you said last time.”
Alakazam held his palms together. “But I really have changed!”
Mienshao leaned down from the balcony. “Getting a Mega Stone and sometimes becoming your Mega form doesn’t count as change, Alakazam!”
“But I can see our future together, it’s true, we’re meant–”
“That’s a lie, and you know it.” Mienshao sighed. “Look, it’s been fifty years. It’s time to move on. I have, why can’t you?”
“How can I move on when I have a perfect memory?” Alakazam screamed.
“That’s just an excuse.”

-Odemon #65 Alakazam

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