Odemon #648

Meloetta, sing your song,
Sing your song for all.
Meloetta sing your song,
Sing your song for all.
Meloetta sing your song,
Sing your song for all.
Your song is getting repetitive,
Why don’t you try a new song?
I know you once had forgotten Relic Song,
But never trying something new is wrong.
Slow it down, maybe try the Blues,
Maybe a Water form’ll be there for you.
Strum along a little Country classic,
See if Ground type’ll be one that sticks.
Try some Industrial, how do you feel
About a mechanical form for the type Steel?
You could sing a song in the genre Rock,
And that’ll get you a form of the typing Fire.
Take to the skies with an Opera choice
And be a Flying type with gusty voice.
What if you tried a little polka? Don’t shrug,
Don’t you want to have the typing of bug?
Or try a new age Nature sound,
And the typing of Grass on you’ll be found.
Try some Electronic singing, somehow, I guess,
I swear the static Electricity won’t leave your hair a mess.
You could try some Horror fare,
Screeching as a Ghost to cause a scare.
A simple Lullaby might do it for you,
A Fairy-typing would be something new.
Go deep and toxic (like lead?): Heavy Metal,
Try a Poison-typing to test your mettle.
Some Goth singing could be a lark,
Try out a form with the typing Dark.
If you want to try Hardcore,
There’s the Rock-type we were looking for.
If you want to sing Pop, maybe it’d be nice,
And maybe you’ll be Ice??
I’m running out of ideas at this point,
Dragon is all that’s left.
I’m not a musical theorist, you know!
For ideas, I am bereft.
(Also I feel like anything I say for dragon will be inaccurate.)

-Odemon #648 Meloetta

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