Odemon #482

You look up at the long shaft you fell down. You don’t know why you’re down there… but you know even less how you’ll get out.
An Oddish had appeared to you, talking about love and… friendliness pellets, or something. But those pellets hurt! Then some Gogoat appeared and kicked the Oddish away and said everything would be okay, but…
You still don’t know how you’ll get back home.
“Through DETERMINATION!” An Azelf popped out of the nearby leaves!
Seeing the Willpower Pokemon fills you with DETERMINATION!
“Would you like to SAVE?” Azelf asks.
“What?” you ask.
“What?” Azelf asks.
A Snorlax bursts through the wall. “DETERMINATION is incredible! You can now SAVE and return to your game later as data via DETERMINATION!”

-Odemon #482 Azelf

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