Odemon #366

“Ooh, that’s a pretty pearl!”
“Thank you,” Clamperl said. “I’ve spent my whole life making it.”
Chinchou peered closer. “Wow, your whole life. It must be special to you.”
“It is, so don’t get too close. In fact, it’s the only one I’ll ever make, so that means it’s even more special–”
A Sneasel wearing scuba gear swam by and nabbed it, swimming away.
They stared at the fleeing Sneasel.
“I hate my life,” Clamperl said.
“I’m so sorry for–”
“I’m going to stress eat now.” Clamperl clamped her shell over Chinchou and devoured it.

-Odemon #366 Clamperl

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