Odemon #499

What a horrible Pignite to have a Curse
Attack and Defense up, Speed is worse
With this curse you can be swole
Inherited from your father Torkoal.
What a horrible Pignite to have an Ember
Here in a chilly night of December
Eat some fuel then melt the snow
With those fire attacks that you know.
What a horrible– oh, the trees are on fire.
At least it will burn away vampires.
And also everyone else.
What? Yes, of course I know your name is an ignite pun and not a night one.
“Pignite pignite!”
You think you could do better? I’d like to see you try.
“Pignite pignite pignite…”
Oh, he’s writing something down. Let’s see…
“pigntie is soooo hot! he’s so awesome, he’s on fire! i want to marry him!! he’s the best!”
… Huh.

-Odemon #499 Pignite

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