Odemon #509

It was another average day in the house of Jonash Ketchuckle or whatever we named him last time. I guess we need a different name for him anyway if this is a different continuity.
It was another average day in the house of Jonsun Arbuckle. It was a few minutes after noon, so it was still quiet as Jonsun’s Alolan Persian slept.
Except they had a guest today.
“Hi Persian!” Purrloin screamed. Persian shouted and leapt several feet into the air before coming down to crash on his bed.
“Oh great,” Persian muttered. “Just what I don’t need.”
“Yes, Persian, it’s me, Purrloin, the world’s cutest kitty cat!”
“You say that like it’s a good thing.”
“Oh Persian, you’re just jealous because I’m so cute, and you’re so not.”
“Big fat hairy deal, what’s so good about being cute?”
“Watch and learn.”
Purrloin climbed up onto the table where sat a ham, several slices already cut. He grabbed a slice in his mouth and carried it away.
“Purrloin!” Jonsun walked up to the cat, who stopped and turned. “You can’t just go walking away with some ham, you can’t just… uh…”
Purrloin looked up with sad eyes and tugged on the ham as if he weren’t strong enough to pull off a piece. He rolled around and went meow, too. Jonsun laughed.
“All right, Purrloin, you can have a slice.”
Purrloin hopped off the table and returned to Persian, who drummed his paw as he watched.
“See, Persian? I bet you can’t do that.”
“Oh yeah?” Persian said. “Just watch me.” He climbed out of bed and jumped onto the table, which creaked. He grabbed the entire ham and turned to make off with it.
“Persian!” Jonsun marched up to the big cat. “That ham is for dinner.”
Persian turned and looked at Jonsun with sad eyes, licking his paws and meowing.
“Come on, give it here.” Jonsun grabbed the ham, and they pulled against each other until the ham slipped into the air and knocked over a lamp, which crashed next to Snubbull who, spooked, yipped and ran into the table leg, sending the table toppling with Persian onto the floor.
Persian pulled himself out from under the table and drummed his paw on the floor. “When do I get my Odemon?”

-Odemon #509 Purrloin

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