Odemon #217 Ursaring

“This mark indicates the trees have delicious berries. Keep in mind if there’s a gash going through it perpendicular the berries are poisonous.”
Ursaring pointed to the tree in question, instructing several Teddiursa on the different tree marks.
“Now this one over here you don’t see too often, it means that another Ursaring has buried their food under this tree.” They sniffed. “Most Ursaring can tell what it is from the smell. This tree has peaches under it.”
One of the Teddiursa started digging under the tree.
“Hold on, little one,” Ursaring said. “You also have to make note around the mark. If there’s a circle around it it’s free to take. If there’s no circle, like with this one, the Ursaring intended to come back. And do you know what we do if we find something of someone else’s?”
“Take it anyway!” the Teddiursa shouted.
“Exactly! Because any Ursaring that obviously marks a spot they intended to return to is an idiot!”
The Teddiursa resumed digging and ate up all the peaches.
“Now then, this mark means that the tree is getting old and is likely to not have anymore good fruits.”
A Teddiursa pointed to a tree. “What does that mark mean?”
“That mark means the tree is a Trevenant.”
“I thought I told you to stop clawin’ at them trees!” Trevenant shouted. “You keep that up and I’m gonna throw you outta this forest!”
“Oh, shut UP, you old geezer,” Ursaring said.
“You can’t tell me to shut up! This forest gotta be cared for, you can’t just be goin’ around cuttin’ notches in trees like that! It ain’t right!”
Ursaring shoved Trevenant to the ground.
“Hey! You can’t do that! I’m the guardian a’ this forest! You listen to me, whippersnapper!”
Ursaring turned to the Teddiursa as Trevenant continued to shout. “Let’s go.” They lazily walked away as Trevenant continued to shout.
“Yeah, you run away! I’ll give you a whuppin’ if you come ’round here again, you hear me?”

-Odemon #217 Ursaring

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