Odemon #584

“Everyone derives their traits from their parents. That’s just genetics.”
“But just because someone’s parents are prize fighters doesn’t mean their offspring can’t become a scientist.”
“But the tools for what they do are gotten from parents. Moves and abilities are inherited.”
“But someone can learn moves that their parents never did, or even had access to.”
Geodude flung herself at Vanilluxe with a punch. The Snowstorm Pokemon floated away, both heads still arguing.
“Those moves are still not possible without what was taken from parents. A Whirlipede cannot learn Surf because its Scolipede parents cannot learn Surf.”
“But a Whirlipede can learn Solar Beam, even if its father is a Golisopod, which cannot learn Solar Beam.”
“But should its father be a Golisopod it can then learn Pin Missile, which it otherwise cannot.”
Still throughout this entire argument Geodude chased after Vanilluxe with punches.
“That only shows there are some small additions based on parents. Nurture remains more important, as Effort Values come from such.”
“But Individual Values determine the true potential of a Pokemon, and these can be inherited from the parents.”
“That potential cannot be reached without effort, however.”
“It seems we have reached an impasse, unless both have equal value.”
“It seems that must be the conclusion. Without nurture, no potential is reached.”
“But without nature, the maximum potential is unattainable.”
“So we’re in agreement, then?”
“It would seem so.”
“Good.” Vanilluxe blew Geodude away with a violent Blizzard.

-Odemon #584 Vanilluxe

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