Odemon #608

“I’m sorry… there’s nothing else we can do.”
As cries rang out in the hospital room, a lamp hanging from above wobbled. It watched as the spirit left the body of the deceased human.
“Mealtime, suckers!” Lampent jumped at the spirit, unseen by the living humans. A far more forceful spirit smacked the lamp and knocked him into the wall.
“Ouch!” Lampent rubbed his head. “What? Oh, it’s you!”
“Thought I told you to stop this sordid business,” Dusknoir said.
Lampent shrugged. “Hey, lamps gotta eat, right?” He shouted and blasted a vortex of fire at Dusknoir, surrounding the private eye with a Fire Spin. “Not gonna let you get in the way of–Wait, where’d you go?” No one was in the tornado of flames.
Dusknoir emerged from the shadows behind Lampent and smacked them away with a Shadow Sneak.
“Oof. You think you’re so smart, Private Eye.” Lampent hurled Shadow Balls at Dusknoir. The private eye punched them away and grabbed the new spirit into their belly.
“It’s so unfair! You get to eat spirits!”
“I release them at the end of the journey.”
“But that’s such a waste!”
Dusknoir continued to punch Lampent’s Shadow Balls away.
“And how are you even able to know where I’m gonna strike?” Lampent shouted.
“Future Sight.” As Dusknoir said these words a Psychic blast erupted against Lampent, and Dusknoir fled in the confusion.
“Curse you, Dusknoir!” Lampent shook his arm. “Curse yoooou!” A jolt of pain shot through him. “Ow wait no I DIDN’T MEAN TO USE THE MOVE CURSE–” He fainted.

-Odemon #608 Lampent

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