Odemon #507

Plasma blasts showered the hallway, a crowd of flying robots attacking the intruder. None were fast enough, and Sonic the Hedgehog blasted through, destroying the robots. He dashed down the hallways until he reached the main door of the facility.
“Ah! Sonic the Hedgehog, once again arriving uninvited.” Dr. Eggman twirled around from the controls desk and wall monitors to face the hedgehog.
Sonic leaned against the wall. “I just assumed your invitation got lost in the mail.”
“Well, this time you will not stop me,” said Dr. Eggman. He rubbed his mustache. “Now I have a guard to defeat you who is worthy of my style.” He threw his arm out and a Herdier jumped up from the corner. “Go! Get him!”
The Herdier leapt at Sonic, and the hedgehog dashed away. “Whoa, hey. Nice puppy!” Herdier barked and bit at Sonic, who dashed away with each charge. “Come on. No, hey, let’s be friends. I got a bone for you. Wait, no!”

-Odemon #507 Herdier

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