Odemon #248

“Ah yeah, I’m the strongest Pokemon around. I’m invincible, even! See this bod?” Tyranitar thumped an arm on her torso. “I can’t be harmed by any sort of attack.”
“No attack at all?” Gold asked. He typed the information Tyranitar told him into the Pokedex.
“That’s right!” Tyranitar said. “I’m always going around fighting fools wandering about, but most of them aren’t even worth my time.” She leaned over Gold to look at the Pokedex. “Oh, be sure to put it just as I said it–‘body can’t be harmed by any sort of attack.'”
Something slimy poked Tyranitar’s back. She turned around and got a Hammer Arm to the face from a Lickitung’s tongue and she DIED. Also the Lickitung had Cloud Nine which prevented Tyranitar’s Sand Stream from working so take that, too many people used you in gen 5!

-Odemon #248 Tyranitar

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